Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have I Told You Lately....

Yup, I am here. On a WEDNESDAY!! And the 20's of me are back too!!

Here we go!
1. We got fish this week. 8 mollies and 1 algae eater!
2. we have had the tank for over 5yrs. and kept saying we were going to get more(after the last ones died)
3. I haven't cooked a hot dinner in over a week(it's just been that kind of week)
4.I'm babysitting 2 of the cutest little boys(Sean's cousin's) they are 4yrs. and 11 months
5. I'm still waiting to win the lottery!
6. My brother and Mom are going to be in a documentary featuring local bluegrass and gospel bands
7.I hate coupons and all the stupid ads that come in my Sunday paper
8. I don't care how many times Lindsey Lohan goes to jail this month!
9.I think Norton should be lifetime free with purchase of any computer
10. I don't need you to remind me 15 times a day that my subscribtion is about to expire and my computer is at risk!
11. The symbol for iron is Fe (just saying,.... you never know when you may need it)
12. my favorite number is 349, because I was born at 3:49pm
13. Caralyne was born on 5/10, weighed 5lbs. 10oz. and My Mom's address is 510
14. Sean thinks that baby chipmunks grow up to be squirrels!(I cannot convince him they are 2 different animals?!!!?) He's special!
15. There is no meaning, origin or coat of arms found on google for my last name.
16. my name means dizzy in Polish, accent in French or some weird African plant that looks like pot! (I'm serious, google it!)
17. Why is Renee more popular when Renae is obviously the more logical pronunciation?!?!?
18. I have been summoned to the living room. My divine powers are requested. meaning, the movie is over, I want another one put in!
19. I finally get to go to church on a Wednesday!
20. My God is an awesome God!!!

busy, crazy, confused,inspired

I finally have a few minutes to jot down whatever comes to mind. Now, I will warn you ahead of time this may end up being a big bunch of confusing blaaahhhhh! But, that's pretty much how my brain has been working lately.

I have so many things I want to do, should be doing, need to do and basically at the end of the day I'm lucky if the dishes are done, the kids remembered their homework and everyone and thing got fed. Now, I don't want to sound like I am complaining. I do enjoy every crazy, unorganized, chaotic day of my wonderful life! I am just a person who thrives for routine, structure and stability. Therefore I am extra hard on myself when I seem to lack these things, as I am the one in charge of the household for the most part.( still with me?, LOL)
We have been dealing with a lot of things lately, between everyone's schedules, pre-teen attitude, sibling rivalry,God, finances, marital issues,family, house issues....., now I know this is all just part of life and I'm cool with that. It's just I have certain goals for myself, my kids, husband, and all of us as a family and I have really been trying to do better on all of these issues. Yes, all at once! We are a work in progress. We are learning together to work on or through these things. I think the light bulb has finally came on! We are learning to better handle each situation as it arises and to put God first in ourselves, home and family. It is a very rewarding accomplishment. Each day we learn something new and how every choice we make affects those in our lives. How all those little things really do pay off and make a difference.
I encourage you to try it. Start off small and watch what happens.
I guess that's all I really wanted to say. I just needed to get it out and see it in black and white. Even if just for myself. just to say I wrote something today. :)
God Bless all my blogging buddies today!


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