Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have I Told You ... (kind of)

Have I Told you...

This isn't going to be my typical Wednesday post. I've been a crazy mess the last couple weeks and haven't been in my usual upbeat writing mood!
I lost a very dear friend of mine on Nov.11, 2011. She went too early and it was a complete shock to say the least. She has been a friend for many years and also a sister in Christ. Which does give me some comfort that we will meet again one day in the presence of Our Lord!
There are still so many unanswered questions and I am seeking prayer and comfort, that we may never have the answers we seek. She was a great friend, mother, sister....
She had her trials and struggles but always kept a positive outlook and had an amazing way of making anyone around her smile. She had a contagious laugh and no one could be in a bad mood around her. Her wonderful spirit and love of life is so greatly missed. The life of the party and the first one to come to you with open arms. She was so devoted to her children and always striving to do better for them and herself.
With this said, I continue to pray for comfort for her husband, children, family and friends.
Until we meet again....
Chillin' with Jesus!

Barbara L. Vanover         


Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY, Demo and the Hubs!

So, guess who decided to start demolition on our bathroom @ noon on a Sunday?!?! Oh, and with only us here(no "manly" help)!
Yup, my darling, wonderful, go get em', last minute, no planning things out, who needs instructions hubby!
I think he was secretly punishing me for oversleeping yesterday and missing church!
I can just see his little brain spinning!
(" Sooo...she made such a fuss about setting all the clocks back, made me watch a chic flick, and then SHE  oversleeps!.. Guess I'll have to get some free labor out of her today!")
Anywho, it did need done for so many reasons. Safety first, of course!
I'm sure I have mentioned over the last...oh, year or so that we literally had our shower held up with duct tape! Well, anyone who ever doubted me....there are pictures coming as my proof!
This is still a neverending long process and I will try to keep everyone posted on the process.
As embarrassing as this is...please hold all the LOLs to yourselves :)
Here it is!
Phase 1: demolition!!(by the way, it was pretty fun!)

Sean "prepping" the tub. (actually, this is where I went over "my" instructions)
Roo recreating how she yanked the towel bar loose!
This is where the biggest leak was at.
All the yuckiness of the demo. It was SO bad!
Roo pulling the tiles off. It was her favorite part!
Mama bear getting a few swings in too!
2 walls gone!
The ceiling
oh look, Sean thinks this is a new tool box!
I cannot wait to start phase 2. New drywall and WATERPROOF boards!!! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Have I Told You ...

Have I Told You.....

Wow?!!? Really?!?! Where has 2011 gone? This year has flown by, literally!!
It has been a blessed, crazy, traumatic, big/ HUGE changes year for so many of us!
Here are just a few of the things that have been going on around our little space lately!
Aside from the new babies, new jobs, DIY projects, sports, school, church......
I'm sure most of my followers know how crazy "life" can be!!

We went to Gatlinburg a few weekends ago.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Long John Silver, LOL! I was actually taking a picture of the amazing mountain view!

I'm not so sure why Bug looks so calm and innocent, but no children were hurt during this event! Roo looks terrified!

On to cupcakes for Roo's class party! BTW, I do NOT bake! It was a fun experience for us both!

Carved our pumpkins up. Bug went with a non-traditional carving. There is a fish on the other side.

Little E's first Halloween.


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