Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too long to FB about it! So, I'll blog!

Here it is. My lovely ramblings that you all love  put up with.
Today was so blah....
I am really feeling overwhelmed and so un-accomplished.
Things I have started, not finished, tried to finish and failed, or simple put- off
Getting things straightened out with Tmobile, Time Warner and the dentist/insurance! (seriously gave up and cried!!)
dishes- did them 3 times today and...there are still some in the sink!
laundry-same as above....never done
book reviews...did NOT even get close today
reading-LOL, maybe 20 pages today
did not mop, sweep, vacuum  or dust
find a newer truck-nope!
get the girls' schedules organized... LMBO!, really?

some things I...hmmm, well I'll say things I did, in part
talked to Time Warner a total of 4 times, totaling around 45mins(accomplishing nothing)
talked to Tmobile( well, they took our payment)
plunged the bath tub 3 times(still not draining very well)
made lunch(twice?!?)
took a shower
did 3 loads of laundry, folded 2...
drank LOTS of coffee today!
threw out some old papers
fought with the online registration for our dental coverage(we still have no cards)
anyway, I guess today was a bust, but I won't complain too much. I also had plenty of blessing to out way the bad! My God is still good and I will get through this storm! Just need a little prayer and more caffeine!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still here...somewhere

Hello, yes, I am still here. Although it seems my time has been elsewhere. I log in at least once a week, catch up on some posts, look at a few recipes, photos, cute quotes or cartoons. I keep telling myself, "Wow!, I am really behind on here and so  need to get back to blogging and keeping up better". I'm not making any promises to you or myself, but hopefully, soon, things will get back to where I'll have the time and something interesting to blog about! Not that there hasn't been plenty of crazy things going on around here!


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