Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy Days

A little ditty about me...well and probably most of you

Do you hear what I hear?
Pitter patter of little feet and the whispers of" I want a treat!"
Here they come two by two,
"You go ask, no you"!

Laundry, dishes, vacuum, will it ever be done?
Again today? I just want to run.
Far far away, for atleast 10minutes until I miss them like crazy,
I dare you Mr. to call me lazy,

What tonight, soccer, dance, grocery, girl scouts or band....
When we cross the street, you WILL hold my hand!

 It's 9pm, why are you awake?
What homework??? Oh for goodness sake!

PTO, fundraisers, emergency forms and more,
Homework for Mommy? Are you really sure?

Did you pack my lunch, wash my jeans, are you picking me up after school?
Mom, you cannot wear pajamas to the bus stop....You are so uncool!

I'll take a break when you are all grown,
I'll miss all these little things, when I'm home all alone!

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