Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Too long to FB about it! So, I'll blog!

Here it is. My lovely ramblings that you all love  put up with.
Today was so blah....
I am really feeling overwhelmed and so un-accomplished.
Things I have started, not finished, tried to finish and failed, or simple put- off
Getting things straightened out with Tmobile, Time Warner and the dentist/insurance! (seriously gave up and cried!!)
dishes- did them 3 times today and...there are still some in the sink!
laundry-same as above....never done
book reviews...did NOT even get close today
reading-LOL, maybe 20 pages today
did not mop, sweep, vacuum  or dust
find a newer truck-nope!
get the girls' schedules organized... LMBO!, really?

some things I...hmmm, well I'll say things I did, in part
talked to Time Warner a total of 4 times, totaling around 45mins(accomplishing nothing)
talked to Tmobile( well, they took our payment)
plunged the bath tub 3 times(still not draining very well)
made lunch(twice?!?)
took a shower
did 3 loads of laundry, folded 2...
drank LOTS of coffee today!
threw out some old papers
fought with the online registration for our dental coverage(we still have no cards)
anyway, I guess today was a bust, but I won't complain too much. I also had plenty of blessing to out way the bad! My God is still good and I will get through this storm! Just need a little prayer and more caffeine!

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