Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July(a little late)

Once again I am way behind. I really wanted to do a big Red, White, And Blue blog page. But this thing we call life keeps getting put at the top of my list. Even above blogging! LOL
So how did everyone spend their holiday? Cook-outs, parties, fireworks, parades?
That's pretty much how ours went. Fun in the sun , driving from here to there. Trying to stay cool and entertain the kids. My baby girl was in her first ever parade! She was super excited but after waiting on the float and then going through the actual parade it took a total of 3 hrs. and it was a whopping 93 degrees here.No breeze, no shade! She was sweating, hungry and exhausted! Her Girl Scout Troop was represented by the church that sponsors them. Way to go LUMC and Troop #44039

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