Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Have I Told You

I know I skipped last weeks Wednesday post, but I also skipped Tuesday's and the rest of the week. Not by choice. It has been one crazy week around here. We have gotten some bad news in the family, I started babysitting, VBS is going on at almost every church around here, and my biggest reason for being absent on here is my crazy phone and internet service! I was without a phone for almost 4 weeks on and off and the internet was going in and out also. I think it is finally fixed. So now I am trying to play catch up on here.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.
Happy blogging!

Have I Told You....
I got a lot of comments on doing the 20 of me's, so I think I will stick with that for today
1. Both my daughters' names are French, (Caralyne's we went with a twist and unique spelling)
2. I took 4 years of French from 8-11 grade
3. I took senior English in 9th grade
4. I have never had a mani or pedi
5. The first time I dyed my hair was at 14 and it turned out orange! (no ash blondes for me)
6. My natural hair color is dirty blonde with red tints
7. I have freckles, lots of freckles!! and so do my girls!
8. I make my bed everyday! but my girls do not :(
9. I despise Justin Beiber! Can't wait until this fad is over!
10. My eyes are different colors. one green, one blue/grey(and I love when people ask me if I know this!)
11. Caralyne was born 18 days before her due date, but I was listed as only 36wks gestation
12. Juliette was born 5 days late.
13. I have had anemia since I was 6.
14. In 3rd grade I missed 37 days of school because of it.
15. Both my grandfathers were killed.
16. I never met either of them
17. I  read about 150-200 pages a day of whatever book I'm reading, depending on my schedule
18. I keep a book diary of every book I read, with author and a star system of how much I liked it
19. I have read 6 books since June 1, 2010
20. I am now going to finish #7, The Telling~ Beverly Lewis
What are the 20 of You??

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SinSiNattie said...

Love this! As
So #4 is scheduled for when...I wanna come... #9 I so agree. I'm tired of my girls looving at him with the googly eyes everytime they see him on tv. #13 I too have anemia...such a pain all the time. Great post... Do I have "20 of me"?????


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