Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bedtime Business..

Why OH Why is bedtime so hectic? Really, it's not that serious! I do the whole loving Mommy thing. Tuck them in(seperate rooms), say their prayers, have a little chit chat about their day, tickle their backs, give them kisses, and wish them sweet dreams.
 So, why is it that as soon as I start writing, getting in my fuzzy pants with a good book or simply try to wrap up my day, they suddenly are wide awake?
So here is a list of the TOP 10 excuses they use as they are getting in and out of bed, going from room to room calling "Mommy"!
1. I need a drink
2. I'm hungry
3. I can't sleep
4. I have to pee
5. Can I sleep with you?
6.I forgot to do "something"
7. What was that noise?
8. Mommy, Are YOU asleep?
9. When is Daddy getting home?
10.Can you come lay with me?
Usually they will end up sleeping together, sometimes in the bed, sometimes not...


SinSiNattie said...

I love this. My girls do the same exact thing...i know its annoying but i love every bit of it.

My name is Kara said...

My kiddos do the same thing.

My oldest(9 years old) always remembers something that she HAS to tell me yet she had forgotten about it till it was bed time.

Kids are so funny and cute... even when they are annoying. LOL!


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