Friday, April 9, 2010

Confession of me

I am at a place  in my relationship where I don't know whether to keep on going and pray or just scream in his face that we are messed up!!
I love being a SAHM, but with everything changing I feel I have triple duty! I get the kids up, fed, dressed, off to school. Then spend most days either cleaning, picking up, or most often running errands(grocery, bank, taking things to school for the kids, or going shopping for the things they need or we need for the house). Also, running around looking for the "I have to have this"! random things Sean needs for school, work or softball. All the while he is calling me or texting me....
"What's wrong, you sound tired!"
"Are you mad at me?"
"I guess I'll let you go, you sound too busy to talk to me anyway!!" < In a not so nice voice.
"Where are you, were you, are you going to be?"
"Did so and so get ahold of you?", " I told them to call the house phone!"< BTW! Thx Sean
News Flash, I cannot sit on the phone all day & talk about nothing!
You may actually have to deal with it yourself!
I only have 2 kids, not 3! Seriously!
Also, where are YOU???
I feel like a single mom most days, who only sees you on payday, long enough to balance the checkbook & start all over again this week. Give a little 5minute recap of our week!
BTW! you missed Science fair, World's fair & Julie's Christmas band concert!
You haven't been or taken Caralyne to ANY dance classes or GS meetings
The girls do not see you from Sunday evening til Thursday night.(work and schhol Mon-Wed, softball on Fri and Sat)
Now you decide you would rather play softball as a fill-in then come spend the evening with us.
When you are here all you do is play Warden, when you have NO IDEA how our day has gone.
"Clean your room"
"Listen to your Mom"
"Why haven't you done this or that?"
UGGHH!! I just want to scream..."You have no idea, so SHUT-UP!!
I don't want to hear about Rumpke or softball or even what new fun thing you learned at school!!!
I want to relax, have a little affection and posotive attention and maybe even a conversation about something I did or that happened in my day!
Ok, So that was my vent for the day. IDK. Maybe I'm losing it Big time!
Any advice?

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