Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simply entertaining

Well, It is the year 2010! Ok, I know you already knew that, but what does that mean as parents? I was just thinking back to my own chilhood days as I watch my own children play. So many things have changed since I was a kid. Some had bikes, Nintendo, pogs,etc. But what I was thinking is that back then it depended on your family's financial status. not every kid had those things. If you were a kid that didn't, then you just found a friend that did. For the most part you could be content knowing you could go to a friend's house to play with those things. It was not that big of an issue(for me anyway), to actually OWN the toy/game.
Now everyone has a wii, cell phone, ipod, laptop, and I'm talking kids under 12yrs old.
Now of course my own kids hound me day in and day out that THEY need these things. We do own a wii, for the family, and they have their own TV in their room,and bikes, my soon to be 12yr old has a pre pay phone(currently out of minutes), that she must earn her phone time for.
So, I guess my big thing is that I am old fashion. I want my kids to use their imaginations and simply "find" something to do. So one day I gave them some plastics cups, a ladle, and paper plates and told them to go out and have an imaginary picnic. They looked at me like I had lost my mind..... but eventually, they played together on the porch for over an hour and I noticed how well they worked together when there was no fighting over the remote, "No, that's mine", "Get out of my room", "I'm soooo bored", or just randomly aggrevating each other to have "something" to do. It was a good day and they learned to make the most of what we have.   Mommy smiles :)


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