Thursday, August 19, 2010

My ramblings....

Just another one of my venting posts..... got too much on my mind and a little too much coffee after 8pm. So here it is...
If I let it go.....I'm irresponsible
If I hold on...I'm overprotective
If I give too much...I'm spoiling
If I give too little....I'm negligant
If I stand my ground.....I'm selfish and stubborn
If I state my mind....I'm opionated and harsh
If I hold it inside...I may burst
If I let it out....I WILL burst
If you talk...I will listen
If I talk...Who will listen?
If I do it my way...I was wrong
If I do it your way..."I told ya so"!
If I ask for help....I am weak
If I don't ask...I am weak

1 comment:

SinSiNattie said...

Trema, excellent post...but remember that The "I's" in your post reflect who you are and the definition after it is what the perception is to the other person. You are who you are and when people realize who you are and see that your "I's" are the true you.

You are a awesome person always striving to do more and more even when the times aren't the greatest. I commend you on your honesty in this post and I know that it was hard to write it but you've captured exactly why you are my friend.

Love ya girl! keep moving forward...



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