Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Have I Told You...

Welcome Wednesday!
Today I just want to really put myself out there. So here are just a few of the "me" things.
1. I was born in 1980! On April 15, yes I'm a tax baby that turned the big 3-0 this year!
2. I was born and raised in Ohio(spending my summers in Kentucky), so I'm really a country girl at heart.
3. I have been drunk a big total of 5 times in my whole life, Not that I am proud of that at ALL.
4. I haven't had a drink(alcohol) in almost 2 yrs.
5. I am a Christian SAHM
6. I actually met my hubby at age 15. He was 20
7. I started dating him at 16
8. I married him at 17
9. Had our first daughter, Juliette at 18
10. We have only been on 1 vacation alone since our honeymoon in 13 years.(Gatlinburg in 08')
11. I had to withdrawl from school 3 months and 3 credits before I graduated HS. (it's a long story)
12. I earned my GED in 2003 after our second daughter was born
13.I love to learn new things
14. I have broken the same 3 fingers, 3 times in my life
15. I have a horrible voice but secretly love to sing!
16. My biggest fear is driving. I've never had a license but have had my temps 6 times
17. I haven't seen my Dad since I was 18
18. I dream of having more children, but cannot
19. I drink way too much coffe and it is catching up with me
20. I obviously read more than I write. And sometimes wish it was the other way around

I hope this gives you a little insight to the real me. Any comments are appreciated. Any questions are welcome. I am learning to embrace who I am and not hide from it! As my youngest would say
 " That's just the way God made me!!"


SinSiNattie said...

Umm Trema honey, we need you driving... We are gonna rally around you and get you on your! Married at 17 that's a huge wow! But your family is still intact which many cannot say. I love "Have I told you Wednesday"!

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing! It's so neat to get to know all my new bloggy friends! :)


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