Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday:In with the new! PICS!

So here it is the old and new! Sorry it took a whole day to get these on here, but after everything got hauled off and the new brought in and cleaned up we decided to go out to eat with our friends(moving buddies) and then came home and played outside. Well, until it started raining! Oh and Sean did mow the back yard!
Ok, here are the before and afters


Hard to see all the little crayon,  pencil lead marks and nicks in the table, but they are there.

The old living room "set"

You'll notice my cat is a picture ham. It's like playing "where's waldo"?
See how many pics you can find with Speedy in them, te he

I'm so excited!

It has a flip down table with cup holders! The kids were fascinated by it!

Built in storage! Woo Hoo, Mommy is Happy!

Recliners too, Daddy is Happy!!

New dining room table! seats 6!

I love the little bench!
I moved the bench out for picture, but for now I think we will keep it against the wall, until we need it.
I like the detail on the chairs
Oh, you just missed Speedy, she jumped out of the chair on the left! LOL
Now I need a really cute centerpiece!

Ok, well now I'm going to go recline on my new sofa and read some of my new book I just started. Also going to try and figure out a really nice meal to fix tonight to eat at our new table. Sean is on break from school so it will be nice to have a quiet family dinner! And no fighting over who gets to use the twirly computer chair! LOL
Now they will be fighting over the bench seat, which is the reason it is tucked under until needed!
Oh you sneaky, sneaky Mommy!!

Oh, I almost forgot to add 1 last pic!!
Caralyne and Pepper are having some seperation issues with the old couch leaving! She actually cried over it, and refused to come inside. Kids are great! I wubz my Caralyne, BUT the couch is GONE!

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