Friday, June 11, 2010

New Design Blog?

Ok, I know I'm blonde, but I am not liking this new design junk. I thought I would just see what it had to offer, maybe a new font or easier way to arrange things on my blog. Yea, well if you are viewing my blog, you can obviously tell it has just messed up all my stuff. Now once again my followers are gone, my " blogs I love" are all hidden and spread out, and NOT scrolling! UGGHH!!
I also noticed when you hit undo edit, basically nothing happens and there is a whole other layout" hidden" behind my actual template. So, I tried everything to try and just reset my whole page and what you see is as close as I could get to what I had before.
I am so frustrated. By tomarrow I may have a whole new look because I am going to have to keep playing around until I can figure something out!
Does anyone know of a way to get back to default template without losing all my things on the sidebar?
Or atleast reset my codes without deleting them?
Sorry for all the rambling. I guess this will just be my post that says" Keep checking back to see all the changes!" Cause you never know what your gonna get! LOL
Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


lovingmylife said...

Oh I am so not good at changing my layout. I had someone do it for me. When it come to computers, I'm not a quick learner. :( I look forward to coming back and seeing what you do with your blog.


LOL, me too. I actually DID have a new blog friend of mine do mine for me, she also made my button(which I am still learning). She will be so disappointed that I messed it all up!

Susie B. Homemaker said...

Before you change anything you should always 'Download Full Template' (listed under Design, then Edit HTML). That way if you don't like something you can just upload the original template.

And before you actually apply any changes you can preview it beforehand (I always look all over my site to make sure nothing is messed up before saving any changes). Good luck getting it back to how you want it!


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