Monday, May 31, 2010

My Monday! Out with the old!

To start off my day, my darling daughter, Juliette is wound up. I haven't even fed her yet and she is bouncing off the walls. Caralyne is still snoozing. Sean is at work. I'm on my 3rd cup of coffe.
I'm so excited we are getting new/used furniture today!!
Actually I am excited but there is more to do around the house to get ready for the new stuff. We are getting a new couch and loveseat from Sean's aunt. Which is much needed. Ours we bought years ago is falling apart and the dog hasn't made it look or smell any fresher! It is UGLY anyways! It is Mauve?!?! Who even thought this should be a color? Not my taste! Also it has small flowers(again, not my thing). And then there is the mixed match slate blue arm chair(which is getting moved to the play room!). It's in better shape, but won't match and we won't have room for it now.
Also I am getting a new kitchen table and chairs with a bench!! I have wanted the bench seating for a long time. We currently have a small table that seats 3, yes just 3. One chair was broken last summer and we never replaced it. so we either slide the computer chair over to the table or someone eats standing up, which is weird. So the new table set seats 6!
Now we can actually have people over for dinner and they won't have to stand up or everyone spread out around the house to eat!
Hoping to get the playroom picked up and rearranged before Sean gets home to move the old furniture out.
I will try to take pics and add them later.
Thanking God for all our little blessing!
These 2 things we really needed and I am so thankful the Lord has made a way to give them to us!
Financially new furniture or dining set would be put on hold till next year.

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