Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Have I Told You ...

Happy Wednesday!
All I can say about today is that even with all the rain and the temp dropping 20 degrees it is still WAY better than yesterday.
 Yesterday was......stressful. But all my "babies" keep me sane and smiling (most of the time).
I woke up yesterday to the glorious smell of coffee! Yea! :) smiles for Mommy! Then as I'm wiping the crust out of  my eyes(yes, I do that too) and fumbling through the fridge I start to panic!!
NO CREAMER!!.... "What?, Wait, it has to be in here...." Nope, none, nada!!
Ok, so LOTS of sugar and plain old 1% dairy milk....
Just for one day I can deal with this, right?! Every addict has withdrawals so EVERYONE should be treating me like the Queen!
Next, I hear the infamous Bobcat start up! Yes, my neighbors are having a hot tub/closed in porch added to their backyard. They are using our driveway as access to their yard. So, needless to say no one gets any peace between 7am and whenever they decide to take a break or leave for the day!
On to my afternoon. Kids at school, animals fed, bills paid, Boogies semi-napping, Sis doing laundry and getting ready to head out to hospital......
Then as the phone rings, chaos enters!!!
phone ringing, Sis yelling( as she runs upstairs) that the washer has overflowed and is running into playroom, as I get up to go to her, Boogies wakes up vomiting! For the next hour or so it is total mayhem!
Cleaning babies, mopping floors, picking up soaking wet clothes,.....and the stinking phone is still ringing. Did I mention I was also baking...yes, me... baking during all of this craziness. Roo's Girl Scout meetings started back up last night and guess who had to bring snack for 20+ girls on the first night?!?!!
But like I said, my babies keep me sane! And for a show and tell here is what we did to wind down. Boogies got  a new toy over the weekend for here and Roo couldn't wait to show him and play along.
How could anyone not smile and feel completely blessed looking at these faces?!?! I love that they can make any day completely worth all our "chaos"!
Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

Boogie's new toy

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Jennie Louise said...

My Nathans Cubs started up again last night... luckily i didnt hve to make anything for that. he got a new badge though! ;-)
School up and running again now so some routine is always good.
rain here yesterday... clear and sunshine today!
Have a good friday.
Jenni. x


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