Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Have I Told You ...

I've been running out of ideas for my regular Wednesday post lately. Of course I have had a lot of things on my mind and a lot going on around here. Somewhere along with all my regular craziness Autumn has crept up on us here in Ohio. One day it was 77-80 degrees even after the sun had gone down and today we have a high of 63 and I noticed leaves falling in the morning breeze. We even smelt firewood burning in the air last night as we were driving home from Bug's volleyball game. With that said here is your Have I Told You... post!
Today I'm going to tell you my 10 favorite things about Fall or Autumn.
 However you say it is fine. I prefer Autumn.

1. I love all the wonderful scents and smells that start changing and coming out in Autumn. Pumpkin spice or the spiced cider are my 2 favorites!

2. The smell of hay! I don't know why!?!? It must be all those summers spent at Granny's farm in Kentucky. It is one of those rare sweet smells that can bring with it a wave of bittersweet memories.

3. The sound of crunchy leaves! Oh and of course the smell of them. What is with all the scents? Is it just me? Maybe I have some weird undiagnosed scent fetish?!?!!

4. The colors of Autumn are amazing! My favorite color is Orange, but when mixed with all the greens, browns, golds and wine reds, I love it even more.

5. I LOVE,  LOVE,  LOVE my coffee. Most of you already know this fact. I get even crazier about it when they start having the Pumpkin latte advertised! It is amazing!

6. And not to overkill the buzz but it goes great with a slice of Pumpkin pie!! With extra whipped topping of course! Still slightly warm if you would please!

7. Here I go again with my nose! I cannot deny my love of campfires! The snuggling with loved ones, the stories and laughter, roasting anything we can put on a stick! and THE SMELL of the wood burning!

8. Afterwards,  or if there is no campfire I love to walk into my kitchen and....yes, you guessed it. SMELL a big ole' pot of homemade chili cooking on the stove top!

9. Probably before I eat a bowl of that chili up above I am no doubt in my fuzzy jammies and fuzzy slippers! Ok, I won't lie to you. I actually wear these pretty much year round, but they do get more attention in the Autumn.

10. I don't know if I love these because they are so stinkin' cute or because if you buy the "good" ones they are made with real hay. Anywho, these are my #10 thing that I love about Autumn! Scarecrow people!

What do you love about Autumn? What would your top 10 be? And please tell me there are more people out there with the scent fetish???


Bryan said...

I love Autumn as well....Well, everything but the leaf raking. Thanks for sharing and the pictures were great!

AZLB said...

hmm I just wish I had fall weather right now...and a bowl of chili!!!!

elissa said...

can I just say BIG FAT DITTO! yea fall!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

From one list lover to another...I love fall too. Thanks for popping by my place the other day

Holly said...

Autumn is totally my favorite as well....I think you covered every single one of my faves. I especially love the cooler weather so I can fill the house with yummy baked goodies again! And oh yeah, totally with you on the hot coffee!

Anonymous said...

Hot spiced cider, a comfy blanket and a good book.. *sigh*

Jennie Louise said...

Ohhhh I love chilli so much, with Nachos, Mmmmm.. Having it tomorrow tonight in fact.
Great photos depicting Autumn - my favourite month. :-)

Live in Stereo-News said...

Love posts like this. Warm and fuzzy.


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