Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have I Told You ...

Have I told you that I/we have been busy? Well.... no more than usual. I thought I would give you a few of the top things we have been up to this past week.
1. Elijah came home( Sept 11) The girls were so excited to have their new cousin home!

2. Girl Scouts every other Tuesday now. Yesterday the girls made bookmarks. Sorry I didn't get a pic of the finished product!

3. We decorated for Fall/Autumn/Halloween  however you want to say it! :)

 So, these are the top 3 things that have been keeping us busy lately. Of course there are plenty more things I could list. Like, Bug's volleyball 5 days a week, school, watching Boogie's, all the little things Elijah needs some extra attention for, the daily routine stuff, my new book review blog and working on that, also trying to read some in between. Not to mention the reading homework Roo has had this week and trying to get her motivated to get it done. All in a days time! No rest for the Momma!
Happy Blogging!


elissa said...

I love your scrolling blog thing-y in your side bar! What's it called and where'd you get it?

Jennie Louise said...

Oh thank you for putting my badge in your sidebar ! Really appreciate it.
My son Nathan is at Cubs - he loves it... He's been camping and mountain walking. It's good to get kiddies to do these things.
I too have rounded up my week with a few of my favourite things.
Have a lovely friday evening!
Jenn x

Lisa Brown said...

Elijah is so precious and tiny! It's always amazing when your children have a new cousin to welcome into the world! :)


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