Sunday, September 4, 2011

New progress

Happy Sunday,
I just wanted to let everyone know how the new blog is slowly progressing. I have been attempting to make a DIY background. By attempting I mean I have browsed tutorials, flipped through several blogs, help sites and collected patterns, clip arts and images trying to some how figure out this whole creative layering. Through this treacherous process, I have screamed, reloaded, re sized, cropped, saved, bookmarked, searched...... you get the idea. It is not going so well for me. Although it is taking longer than I expected to get it up and going I have been getting in some good reads. So, by the time I actually have a "book blog", I will have a TON to write about!
Also, I am still working on my unique blog title. I have gotten some great ideas both on here and through Facebook(I use networkedblogs also). So, until the next update here is a follow up/updated Title list:

1. Passion for Pages~ 3 votes
2. A Novel Affair~ 2 votes
3. A(nother) Novel Affair~suggested by a friend
4. The Story Keeper~ suggested by friend (I like this one)
5. Diary of a Mad Book Lover~cute!
6.The Musing of a Bookworm~2 votes
7. A Novel Experience~ Liking this one a lot
8. As The Story Unfolds...
9. Read, Review, Restock
10. Tales of a Book -A -Holic
I really wish I knew how to add a voting poll on here, but alas another techy aspect I lack.
Please keep the comments coming and I promise to keep everyone updated as "my story of a book blog" unfolds! :) Hey, I kind of like that one too! Hmmmm......

What do you think? 

This is my actual bookcase! Well, one of them...


Jennie Louise said...

hahaaaa.... well you know MY opinion (see lst blog post)
But I'll stick my neck out and say my fave is
The Musings of a Bookworm. ;-)

ham1299 said...

There should be a widget in Blogger that allows you to add a poll. It's pretty easy to set up. You can add it to the top of your sidebar no problem! :-)


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