Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Blog! I need opinions

I have been struggling, working on this blog for over a year now. I love sharing all my personal life experiences and daily chaos, with a little of everything thrown into the mix, but I want to start a separate blog just for my books. One of my many  passions is reading, anything! I have joked that I even read product labels and the phone book purely for entertainment. I have been searching and researching TONS of wonderful book review blogs lately and even joined/follow a few. Now I want that! I want to share my love and opinion on whatever it is I read. Also, I tend to forget who wrote what book or what the title of something really good I read was. So it will also be a book diary for myself.
Me being, I want it to have a really catchy title.Now, by catchy I mean something witty and unique, and not including my name in the title e.g. Trema's readings. It just sounds so limited and down the road I may want to host guest posts or review something my daughter has read.So, I don't want people to think it is limited from the beginning. Also, that reminds me. I will be doing many genres, including YA and JR so I want a name that is appropriate and doesn't scare off any younger readers. Here is a quick list of blog names my daughter and I came up with one night. I am stumped and cannot get those creative juices going today. Let me know what you think. Any comments, suggestions, changes are appreciated. I really want to know what you think and will take any help you give.

1.Pages for Pleasure
2. Log on Library
3.Library Reads
4. Passion for Pages
5.A Novel Affair(this was my favorite until I googled the words and found 4 other book blogs with this title)
6. A Read a Day
7. I Read This....
8. Just Keep Reading
9. Got Books?(corny, I know)
10.Shall we read...


Mrs. Q: Book Addict said...

Welcome to my blog. I really like Passion for Pages. Enjoy! I love the book blogging community.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE A Novel Affair! Even if it is already taken...times four!

Jennie Louise said...

What about;
The Musings Of A Bookworm
Book-a-holic Central
A Novel Experience
A Passion For Pages
Another Story Unfolds...
The Book Corner
Literacy Love

Just a few that popped into my head. How exciting, a new blog.
Are you a member of by the way? I am - it's great.
jennie. xx

Anonymous said...

I really like 'The Musings Of A Bookworm' too..
I can't wait to read your new blog!

elissa said...

I liked a passion for pages also :)

and I totally read the phone book just for kicks. But only the church one, cause I already know most of the people :)


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