Friday, May 28, 2010

Add a little more to my plate!

No, this is not a food post! LOL
I want to apologize for being so behind on my blog. The last few weeks have been pretty busy around here.
So, for a little recap, here is my week in pictures....
Not to mention the things I don't have pictures of like "write to read week" that I volunteered for, a princess birthday party last weekend, and kindergarten recognition ceremony(camera batteries went dead, UGH!!)
Starting with Girl Scout Recognition ceremony and pizza party

Followed by her first dance recital

Then Spring band concert

Tonight was 6th grade graduation

And as for the yardword, this is what I found in my yard...

so, with their much needed "Daddy time", I really couldn't be mad at them!
There was also sidewalk chalk, tossing the ball and movies to follow this pic!


Lady Q said...

Hi Trema! Thanks for hopping by Let Them Read Books last weekend! Sorry, I'm a little late on making my rounds. It's nice to meet you, you have a lovely family!

Anonymous said...

Saw your link on CafeMom.. I'm following you :)


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