Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have I told you...

The things I love! (Aside from my children and hubby)
I Love...
Sunshine in the morning, a bright start to a new day,
the smell of my daughters, it's amazing what a mother cherishes,
good coffee in the morning, with lots of creamer,
fuzzy pants to lounge around in,
having my hair brushed and played with,
no 1-800 numbers calling,
thunderstorms at night, ironically I sleep much better,
a new book, I can't wait to crack open and start reading,
fresh sheets, clean countertops, beds that are made,
finding a black shirt that is not covered in dog hair,
looking through family photos,
playing the "Do you remember?" game with family and friends,
trivia, board games, and crosswords,
late night talks with my sister,
finding $5 in an old purse,
going tanning, my 15-20mins of peace and silence,
long car rides to anywhere,
Chinese food with family or a good friend,
and I love the feeling I have when i actually finish a project.
So, What are some little things you mommies love?

1 comment:

Julie said...

Lookin good!! ;o)


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