Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Monday

I am so bored. It's not that I don't have things to do. It's that it is Monday. It is drizzling rain and the temp has dropped since yesterday. I wish it would either come a good thunderstorm or the sun would just come out already. I hate this inbetween stuff.
Anyway, here I sit blooging with my cup of coffee, watching the cat whiz through the house(She must have cabin fever). Although she is an indoor cat anyway. Pepper(my beagle) is napping, but that is how she spends 18 hrs of the day anyhow. LOL. She is my Big Momma as I call her. Lazy and will eat anything, I do mean anything. Including a little flower craft my daughter's class made out of smarties and foam shapes. I found it shredded to pieces in the bedroom floor this morning.(wish I had taken a picture).
So, the kidd-os are at school and I really should get the laundry caught up, but again here I sit, trying to find my motivation. I think the rain washed it away. But in my defense I did make the bed, get the girls ready this morning, got my shower and did the dishes, and it's only 11am.
Ok, off to throw a load in and get ready to head out for lunch with a friend.
Happy Monday!

Here's my Big Momma

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