Monday, May 10, 2010

Mommy Thoughts

Ask not what your children can do for you, but what you can do for your children.

So with Mother's day just passing I have been in one of my over analyzing myself and REALLY thinking moods.
I have known many woman/mothers from all walks of life, including myself.
I have never been a material kinda girl, I've never wanted the latest new thing or the thing every Mommy "has" to have. Every year my husband and kids will ask me for weeks what I want for Mother's day. Honestly, I never have an answer. I can't think of one thing that I want them to buy me. Not flowers or candy, or anything for the house. Certainly not a jewelry kind of girl. I see all these commercials, ads, and websites/posts about this new thing ALL mother's are wanting this year and none of it appeals to me.
Anyway, you get the point. I just want time to spend with them, love them, embrace what we have and reminisce. Watch home videos and maybe have a nice dinner out. Nothing fancy.
So while they are worried about getting me a present all I keep thinking is what can I do for them, hubby included. Am I doing enough in my day to day life to deserve any"reward" for just doing my job as Mommy?
My children are my gift from God, so why do I need another gift(material)?
Do I read to them enough? Know what their interests and fears are?
Do I feed them well enough, kiss them enough? Am I being a good witness to them. Of course no mother is perfect, but do I/we really try our best or do I just give up some days and claim it as my best knowing it wasn't and there is always "more" I could have done?
I ask the Lord to guide me, give me the wisdom and strength to truly do my best everyday. Lord, never let me take for granted these most precious gifts you have layed in my hands and placed in my heart.
So, for Mother's day, I will give to my children, not ask from them.

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My name is Kara said...

There are so many woman who have kids and don't take the time to show them the love, compassion, and care that they need. I know that You, like me, Will not ever be perfect in being a mom however the fact that both of us can ask the questions "Am I doing enough for them? Am I doing my absolute best as a mom?" and as long as we look to God to show us the way and the path we need to take we can be sure we are doing a good job of taking care of the guft God has choosen to give us.

Also, on the days that you ask yourself if you really tried or your best or did you just give in knowing it wasn't your best... at least your stopping to ask yourself. So many woman don't do that. :-)


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