Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday for me

S~So excited about going to church! For fellowship(much needed adult time), faith and friends
U~Usually running late. I'm the first one up, and last to be ready(have to get the hubs awake and girls       dressed and fed)
N~never enough coffee in my system before we leave!
D~Desperatley wanting to get closer to God
A~AMAZING!! Always a wonderful service and messege!
Y~Yearning for the rest of my day to be as peaceful.

My sundays usually are like a rollercoaster!! And not the kind filled with fun and thrills. I mean the bumpy, heartpounding, I'm about to go plummeting down kind, with the slight chance of peace in the middle where you think just for a second it may be ok.
As I said, I'm always the first one up! And somewhere in the moment before I actually begin my day, I get this crazy idea that maybe, just maybe it will be smooth sailing. I never attempt anything without that first cup of coffee. And as I'm drinking it and I start to hear the noises that tell me my house is waking up, I realize I'm going to need more coffee and prayer.
The hubs always states sometime during the day that this is his only day off. And of course NEVER gets to sleep in. Although Mon-Sat he wakes at 5:30am. sundays he sleeps til 8:45am. So another 3+hrs, apparently is not sleeeping in?!?! Yes, I am confused also, but that is his thinking!
So Juliette(my early bird) is always up after me. Bright eyed and ready to go. She gives me hope of a sunny day. Her first question is always" Are we going to church today?" As her mother I want to state without a doubt, " Absolutely!!" but as I do not drive(whole other topic), I have to say, "I don't know, we'll see how Daddy feels or what he wants to do". Now if he does decide to get up and oblige the demands of his daughter, it of course is all to please me! I have disrupted him and now I shall be punished with grumpiness and the rushed wrath of him. Now he is no monster, I assure you, but until he has his breakfast it is no joyful morning! He enjoys church as much as we do, it's just the getting up and get going part!
As for Caralyne our youngest, NOT A MORNING PERSON is quite the understatement, she is Quenn of the " 5 more minutes"!! And not a fan of being woken up, as she is a completely different child if she wakes on her own terms!
So after we have arrived at church it is much more the scene I had planned, walking hand in hand, smiling, greeting and enjoying our friends and the event at hand.
After church, it's lunch rush hour. They have grumbling tummies and can't be fed fast enough. Back to grumpy, snappy, and sometimes just rude to one another. all the while I am biting my tongue and praying for them to realize how they sound and are acting. What could I possibly say that wouldn't make them give me the" whatever" look! I really want them to see the vision of a peaceful Sunday as I vision it.
I don't want to sound like the Bossy B*, leading by example apparently is not working. I just become invisible to their cranky arguments. As I have tried to explain to sean, I need you to back me up, not argue that I am trying to look "so perfect". I can't understand how or why this is so difficult for me. Why is everything an argument about how or what we should be doing.
I guess this turned into a venting post. I really do pray for a peaceful Sunday, someday my dream will come!
Praise God!

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SinSiNattie said...

Aww Trema, I added you to my prayer string a long time ago. It will get better. Prayer in volume girl!


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