Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Late night rambles

Finally, The house is quiet, maybe too quiet. So rather than get to bed early and catch up on my sleep, here I sit. Rambling!
Sean is still at school. He will be home soon. Just a few more months until he graduates. He's going for a bachelors degree in drafting. maybe I won't feel like a single Mommy 5 days a week after this!
Juliette is sleeping in the living room, due to her ceiling fan still being broken(it's on the TO-DO list).
She has a busy day ahead with school and things.
Caralyne is in her room. I can hear her TV on low, but she never actually watches it. She gets that from me. The TV is on but nobody is watching it. I like to have the noise while I'm cleaning or home alone. and sleeping.
The dog is under the kitchen table snoring like nobody's business. So, now it's not that quiet. :)
I suppose I could go catch some Ghost Hunters or catch up on my reading. Which I have been neglecting since I discovered blogging.
So, when I have a huge library fine, I'm totaly blaming it on all you ladies!!

Me: But...but... Ms. Librarian, there was this one blog, and then another, and oh this one Mom had this story . Oh then the deals and ideas and..and...
Librarian: Mrs. X, We really couldn't care less, you owe X amount of $$$$$
Ok, Ladies Goodnight!!
See you bright and early!


Kassandra said...

I leave the TV on at times, although I'm trying to leave it off a lot more. But I agree its nice to have that noise, esp. at night if hubby is working late.

I am so behind on reading it isn't funny. But I can't complain, I've been getting in extra time with my little ones.

Mama Holli said...

Reading? What is that when there is Blogging to do!! Love the quiet house!!! Nothing like it when the babes are all tucked in!

The Robin's Nest said...

I'm impressed you can watch Ghost Hunters when you are alone! I scare the heck out of myself when I do that.


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