Friday, May 14, 2010

Junior Readers Book Review

My 12 yr. old daughter is completly bonkers over the American girls books. Especially Addy! So far Addy is her favorite. Ok, Maybe I am a little bit interested also. They are very educational books, fiction based  on history. There are several girls which each are based on different time periods and have their own book series'. And yes, they have the dolls and accessories also.(We haven't gone as far as buying dolls yet).
So, here is a little synopsis I found on the webside: 

Addy—Stories from America’s Civil War

Addy Walker is a courageous, strong girl growing up in 1864, during the Civil War. Addy’s stories tell of her daring escape with her mother from slavery, and the challenges they face afterward as they try to reunite their family. But Addy’s stories are about much more than hardship. They are full of the love and hope that help her get through the worst of times and keep her dreams alive.
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My name is Kara said...

The American Girl books have been around for a while (As well as the dolls) I can remember reading them when I was younger. (Not that I am THAT old. hehehe) They are very interesting books for younger readers.. A good set of books to sit down and read together for bonding time. :-)

SinSiNattie said...

This is kiara's favorite one's...about Addy. At first I let her read it by herself but then i picked it up and the detail was so amazing that we read the series faitfully together until we were finished. I love the AG Collection!

Rachel said...

I love kids books, especially for girls. Ben's reading things like dragons and wizards and places with deserts, so that holds no interest for me. I'm holding out hope for Sadie that we can read fluffy girlie novels and discuss how to be kind and virtuous despite our surroundings.

Once Ben had to read The Hundred Dresses when he was in 2nd grade. I loved that book. It was about dresses! A hundred of them!


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