Monday, May 24, 2010

I've got Buttons!!

So Ladies, I finally figured out how to add the "Blogs I love" button box!!
Yea me!
Now my question is....
I added like 10-15 buttons, so why does it only show 3 of them when it scrolls?
I tried to google it and apparently it is a common problem with the code, but no one seems to have a remedy for this little glitch.
So please check out all the blog buttons I added and if anyone knows of a different code that works better, please pass it on and leave me a comment.
Also, if you wouldn't mind, grab my button as well!!
Thanks to all my patient followers!
I am so excited to have you follow along on my journey!
God Bless!


Kassandra said...

Where did you get the code for the scrolling blog buttons? I want to get one and start putting up more buttons, but haven't found one yet.


Here is the blog link where I found the code. I actually found it through google and it is an old blog post. Looking for a better/updated version!

Kassandra said...

I just used that code from there and it worked just fine :) Thanks!

Julie said...

It's been great watching your blog grow! Thank you for displaying my button!!! :o) <3


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