Thursday, May 6, 2010

Just because..

I know I missed my Wednesday post, sorry about that one. Anyway, here is my just because...
Just because I love you doesn't mean I like you all the time.
Just because I enjoy taking care of people doesn't mean I wouldn't like to be taken care of in return
Just because you say I am beautiful doesn't convince me that I am
Just because I am a SAHM doesn't mean I am lazy, selfish, unemployeed or available at your every whim
Just because I am a Christian doesn't mean I won't blow up when it all gets to be too much
Just because I am random and unpredictable doesn't mean I'm crazy
Just because I am a mother doesn't make me a perfect parent
Just because I don't smile back at you doesn't mean I really didn't want to
The reason that I wrote this...Just because


Kassandra said...

This is so awesome and so true! I just sat here and read them to my husband who treats me on the bad side of a few of those and he just rolled his eyes and sarcastically said "Ok."

SinSiNattie said...

Very well said... I really like this:)


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