Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Have I told you....

Welcome Wednesday!
Have I told you...
That my favorite animal is the Bottlenosed Dolphin. They are just absolutely amazing creatures to me. They are so beautiful and so fascinating. Here are a few quick facts I found. Also, I watched the Life of Dolphins at Omnimax Theatre a few years back and I strongly recommend it.

Bottlenose dolphins can be found in many oceans all over the world, especially in tropical or warmer waters.
Adults range from 6-13ft in length and weigh between 400-1,000lbs. Dolphins living in colder waters(such as near Scotland), tend to be larger. Males usually out weigh females.
Because dolphins are mammals they need to come to the surface approxamitely every 5-8mins to breath.
Dolphins do not chew. They eat between 10-30lbs of food a day, primarily fish, crab, shrimp and squid.
The average dolphn lives between 35-50yrs. Dolphins are great communicaters and use several clicks, whistles and chirps.


SinSiNattie said...

I love dolphins. I actually have two dolphins tattoo'd on my back for representation of my daughters. I love it!

Jennie Louise said...

My son and I stroked a Bottlenose dolphin last month whilst on holiday... They are amazing. I've just watched a wildlife programme last night actually that says Bottlenose Dolphins have the ability to feel empathy and can recognise themselves in a mirror - only a handful of species on this earth can do that. Amazing creatures. Xx


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