Monday, August 29, 2011

The All new do!

I have wanted to get my hair done for I don't know....months... over a year? We finally took the girls last week to get their haircuts for school. I got so jealous that I finally broke down and got mine done. Well, I went and got it cut and had some layers put in. I loved the new style but my oldest daughter informed me that while the new haircut was a great step forward it didn't however, take care of the gray hairs I have acquired lately. Knowing I/we did not have money for a total mommy make-over decided to go with the good old, store bought in a bottle kind. Luckily, I am not picky but I am creative and love to improvise. With great help from Bug and my Sis, we came to an end result all of us(me mostly) are satisfied with. Here are my before and after pics.



So, what do you think for a DIY hairstyle?

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