Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cursive is OUT?!?!

As odd as this sounds to me, even as I'm typing on a blog, it is true. Nationwide schools are taking votes to stop requiring cursive writing in some schools.
How do I feel about this?
First my creative writer, pen paling, English nut, reading fanatic is screaming "NO!!!!, This can't be happening!" then my somewhat educated side says, "Huh, Don't we need this?" While my Mom of 2 public school going children is thinking I have one daughter, Bug that despises any type of writing (other than what she feels is necessary and worth her time and effort). However she does have the basics of proper cursive writing down. On the other hand I have Roo, whom has not had any cursive taught to her other than her name. She has been signing her name since she was 6(thanks to her wonderfully proactive mother signing her up for pen paling). I am honestly a little put back that some professionals in these school systems feel this is not a necessity any longer. Now I get all the technology moving us into the future, but what about good ole John Hancock? Will our children never need or be taught how to properly sign their names?
I found one article, not local that talks more about the topic. What do you think? Is teaching more keyboarding over cursive handwriting progress? Any opinions appreciated. Here is the link to the web article I read.

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