Monday, August 29, 2011

Where has my summer gone?

Today is the last day of summer break. Tomorrow we shall slowly begin to re establish some sort of normalcy and routine, Oh Lord I pray! Our whole summer has been kind of a hodge-podge of craziness. Projects, sports, redecorating, gardening, and all the unexpected events. All the while trying to get just the everyday things accomplished. We have had a few planned adventures and although my children will complain they were bored 95% of the time, I have managed to keep them entertained and there is never a shortage of things that they could  have been doing.
Our major project for this summer was to rearrange and redo 3 bedrooms. Ok stay with me here....
My sister lives with us and she was expecting a baby. Her room was in the (simi-finished)basement. The girls had 2 separate rooms upstairs on the main floor. The plan was to put the girls back in one room, downstairs and move my sister upstairs. Bedroom 3 would become the nursery for Elijah after his arrival. Which as I stated in another post was suppose to be somewhere near September 22, 2011. We were slowly but surely getting this all accomplished when Elijah decided to make his grand entrance 7 weeks early. After a few days of initial panic, worry, and quite plainly running around crazy we managed to get back to the project at hand.
Things have taken a few turns. Things have gotten left unfinished and put on hold, but for the most part our house is finally getting back to feeling like a home and not some real life version of The Money Pit. Here are some pictures through the blood(yes, you know there was blood in our DIY project), sweat and tears,there was also a window broken during this project and I cried, like a big fat baby!!!  Not because I got hurt, but it was just a long, late, oh please let us be finished kind of night and then...... yup, the window broke!
(sorry, no pictures of the window)

Roo's old room
midway working
Now the sis' new room
new white walls
Bug's old room
So ready for this carpet to go!
Elijah's nursery, getting there atleast
Much!! better than the carpet!
Getting started on the girls' new room
Daddy working hard. 
Bug ready to paint!
Roo's bed
Bug's bed
bookcase Sean built
Lots of space to play!!

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