Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shout out to new blogs

This post is simply what the title says. It is a post to introduce new blogs. I don't have a button or meme for these but I do hope that you will hop over and check them out. Every blogger loves to have new followers! These two are both my cousins.
One is a new mommy, new step mommy, young student and future couponer! She is quite witty and has a passion for writing through all her ups and downs.
The second is a mommy of a little boy just starting kindergarten, a photographer self taught, living in a house of boys and fur babies.
Please take a look and join them in sharing their journeys in Mommyhood!

Morgan's Blog

Sara's Blog

Also if you have a new blog or have come across an awesome blog you would like to share with us, leave a comment!
Happy Blogging!


elissa said...

oh boy! I love new blogs! i'll be sure to check them out!
by the way, I noticed that you live in Ohio. Did I know that? I"m in toledo......

Jennie Louise said...

Hi ! Lovely blog... Just been browsing and I love this little blog mention section, very nice of you. I have a new blog, keen for new followers. I write often and leave comments daily on others blogs. Hey, I'd love a few more followers, lol. But for now I'll keep browsing your blog... It's pretty cool. I'm in the UK btw. I'm a mum, love photography, animals... Life in general! ;-)

Jennie Louise said...

Thank you so much for follow Trema, I hope we will be good blogging buddies! ;-)


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