Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have I Told You ...

That my Roo absolutely loves her Play-Doh! She loves all the colors and I love all the creative ideas she comes up with.( mostly food related). I'm not sure where she gets that from? (insert sarcasm). Today Bug is off to the amusement park with family friends, so Roo & I have the whole house to ourselves. She thinks it's a mini-vacation. When I asked her what she wanted to do while I got some housework done, she asked for her Play-doh, that now is a limited hobby due to having Boogie's being mobile. It was the perfect day to open the windows, air out the house and really try to get things ready/done/accomplished. We are seriously on a time crunch now with Elijah due home soon and school starting back next week. Mommy can only accomplish so much in a day alone!
 While she is entertained I have accomplished 2 loads of laundry, dishes, made beds, gave the dog a bath, cleaned up kitchen, edited some photos, made lunch, and reset the On Demand 30 minute shows 3 times. Hey, Play-Doh can only keep you busy for so long!
PS.. I am feeling much better now that the cat dander is slowly leaving my lungs!! Maybe that cheap Walgreens brand allergy medicine isn't so bad after all!!

    Those little hands at work!

She does have quite a collection

"Black"berry pancakes! I told you she was creative!

Laying down on the job!

sorry this one is a little blurry. It is mac and cheese!

The mac and cheese is now my "cheesy heart cookie"!

After all that work a popsicle was requested to help her "relax"!


Mommy of Two said...

My daughter just loves Playdoh too! So much fun!

About Facebook, I am still blocked from commenting which is very frustrating. I don't know when the 15 day block is over, I lost track. Overall though it's a good way to get your blog out there. Just be careful about posting links to pages that you are following to promote your blog. That's how I was blocked by Facebook. Let me know if you create a page and I will gladly return the follow :)

Anonymous said...

OK, reading everything that you have accomplished has made it quite obvious that I haven't accomplished anything this morning except reading about what you have accomplished :)

Have a great day!
(I'm gonna go accomplish something)..


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