Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunshine on a cloudy day

 So maybe it's not sunshine, but a sunflower. Here in Ohio today there is a nice breeze and it is just starting to drizzle rain. Since the kids are at school and I don't have any babies today, I plan on wasting the day away(or at least the morning) playing online.
 I wanted to share a site I came across that is totally free. Who doesn't love free, fun stuff to spend more of your day..or night on the computer?!?! is a photo editing website. No downloads. All you have to do is upload your pics and start editing, creating, cropping....
There are so many fun changes you can play around with before you have to consider upgrading to the pay per month extras! Of course nothing in life is ALL free but I use what I find.
Here are a few of my edited photos...this is where the sunflower comes in...
I took a few plain pics with my cheap-o Polaroid digital camera and none of them turned out anything like what the flower actually looked like. It was so beautiful. standing there all alone with all its glory, surrounded by  my weed infested, completely neglected flowerbed. So I gave it a little digital TLC!

The first 2 pics are the originals, nothing edited yet

Now comes the fun 

just a little enhancing, sharpening and a stamp border

this one is watercolor with sepia and frosted edges

antique photo with darkening, high contrast and again the stamp border

old photo(70's) red tint, rounded corners and slight blur effect

again another "old photo" with scratches, softened and blurred edging. I added a plain thin black border

Have fun, It's semi-free!
P.S. No animals were harmed in this experiment nor was I paid anything to use or write/review this website.

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Homesteading Quest said...

How beautiful! I've got to learn how to do this!


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