Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Have I Told You ...

Wednesday already? Wow this week has actually gone pretty quickly. So short and sweet here they are.
20 of me
1. I love orange kool-aid. It's my favorite flavor
2. we finally have most of the girls "new" bedroom finished
3. I will hopefully be starting Elijah's room Friday
4. Someone besides me really needs to pick up the slack on the litter box
5. I can hear 2 different TV's on with the same show, but can't figure out why the girls must watch them in separate rooms
6. I could really go for some good Mexican food right now
7. I am reading a good book that I am dying to finish today or tomorrow
8. I miss a lot of my old friends lately
9. I just finished Elijah's first load of laundry :)
10. Bradley is finally taking a nap
11. It is a gorgeous day out. Nice breeze, not humid or raining!
12. I'm hoping to have so much more done before the girls go back to school
13. I am excited about going to church tonight
14.There aren't enough hours in my day to accomplish half of what I would like to
15. I have 2 new pen pals from a christian website I found!
16. I'm convinced the dog and cat are working on a conspiracy against my sanity this week
17. Juliette has been my big helper this week while Bradley is teething
18. Caralyne has VOLUNTARILY made her bed everyday this week  :)
19. Sean made dinner on Monday and it was pretty good!
20. I should really get another load of laundry done and take a break from the computer.

I apologize for this one being so random. I suppose I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things for now. Happy Blogging and God's Blessings Always!

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