Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where am I today?

I am all over the place! 
So, today was my day to sleep in. Boogies is visiting grandma today, so I had no reason to be awake at 6:30am.
I am first woken at 5:30 to Sean's alarm going off....dozing again
Then at 5:50 to him slamming drawers looking for socks...I believe?
I tried oh so hard to ignore it and miraculously fell back asleep.
6:10 I am awake coughing my lungs out and gasping to breathe! I notice the cat is at my feet, ON THE BED! (I am allergic to "the cat" as I like to call her)
dozing again, after nudging her off my feet.
7am, Juliette wakes me to find out why Boogies isn't here!!
coughing and grasping for a tissue to blow my nose, I give up and get up!
Thanks to my amazing hubby who always makes my coffee before he leaves, I decided I would start my day, grab a cup of coffee(hoping it would clear my head and soothe my throat).
I am now on my 3rd cup(extra strong), have went through numerous tissues, coughed up some nastiness! I know TMI! Checked my email, FB, read a few posts, and am seriously trying to get this fog out of my head!
At this point, just breathing without much effort would be nice!  Oh and of course I have taken my not so strong allergy meds. Wish me luck people, it is only 10 am! I have a feeling this is going to be a long day!

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Jennie Louise said...

ohhh dear. You sound poorly for sure. Chin up... eat some fruit and I hope your feeling 'as right as rain' real soon. x


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